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The World of Silver WindEdit

The world of silver wind is mainly oceans, with four main continents, a large middle area of land, a group of islands, and other smaller islands scattered around the rest of the oceans. A large reef rises in the east as an inlet, which composes the last group of land, but is uninhabited on the surface. Rather, the reef itself is populated by the merfolk population

Phacianae, Chisnya, Artliuk, Dinctyi, Quelnvuth, Sango Inlet, Aestas, TelejoneEdit

Phacianae is the country composed of two land masses to the west. It used to be one, but a masses quake two centuries before the current year of the first book split one area off into a seperate island. Phacianae is the dominant country of the world, and is home to the nation capital Tivania. The architecture is similar to ancient roman, integrating a large stockpile of marble from the stores on the broken off island area.

(Europe, Paris, Italy, Romania)The cathedral is the highlight of the capital city, as it is also the Royal Palace and home to the ancient tome of the Gods. The largest slave market is also located in the city, close to the docks.The landscape is very hilly, with clifffaces dominating the majority of the country's coastline. This makes for a good amount of caves, and strong winds breaking against the cliffside and causing a strange whistling noise

Chisnya is the small, steamy country immediately to Phacianae's left. The population is primarily farmers who grow rice in the northern area of the country and tropical fruits and vegetables in the south. The country can be compared to Asia in the real world. A large mangrove forest is the center of the first book's story, which leads to the capital city of chin-zao. Known for its open port, chin zao is where many criminals meet for their engagements. It is run by a large gang. The town is rickshaw-esque, with a few large extravagent buildings for the rich and the high-class prostitution houses. The city takes on a red glow at night from the lanterns.

Artliuk is the southern most country, home to tribes of inuit villages. It is largely uninhabitable, making the country the perfect cover for the rebellion group.It is also close to the south-western portion of Dinctyi. The rebellion group makes its home near that border, giving easy access to the canal system seperating the two areas. (Peng and Gwin came from this country, as well as a few others.)

Dinctyi is the Eastern most country on the map. It is home to a largely african population, but is also where the mining fields and Blessed colonies are home. The mine fields will be the location of the war. Lots of caves, lots of cliffs, lots of narrow spaces. The eastern half of the country though is home to plains. Many exotic animals live in this area, gathering poachers that the Blesseds recruit for the war.

Quelnvoth is the northern country. It isn't as arctic as Artliuk, but it is home to several pine forests. Native american looking people live here, and it is the only country where Blessed's and Curseds live in relative peace. Their religion is different from the rest of the worlds, as they are seperated from the main city by a good expanse of water. They believe more in the nature that they live within. There are no main cities, simply villages.

The Sango inlet is the merfolk territory of the world. Nobody visits unless they absolutely have to, as the merfolk are extremely aggressive and dangerous. The reef has several caves beneath the surface with air pockets poking out from the sea.

Aestas is Wren's home village. It is a rocky island, where only olive trees can grow. It is very greek in architecture style. The cliffs to the south are home to infected curseds, the shanty town is on the shore, and the upper hills are home to the churches and upper class. The merchant area is in between.

Telejone is a small island home to the professor and Dove. It is built within an inactive volcano, which erupted due to the earthquake and imploded on itself, emptying it entirely. The citizens mine the metals found in the rich soil, and as result their city is largely metallic, using steam power for their inventions and tools. The rising volcano remnents protect the city from the majority of the weather.

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